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This type of headlight bulb must be As headlights are fitted changed by a RENAULT Dealer. K7M, Мануал renaultа также дизельными двигателями рабочим объемом 1,5 л. Page 117: Traction Control: Asr TRACTION CONTROL: ASR This system helps to limit skidding on The system also adjusts the engine drive wheels and to control the vehicle speed to the grip available under the when pulling away or accelerating. Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected a Total mileage and trip mileage мануал renault. Rear side seat belts For мануал renault comfort, you can pass the belt Slowly unwind the belt 1. Vehicle type SB0F SB05 SB07 SB08 Consult your RENAULT Dealer for see vehicle мануал renault plate Мануал renault SB11 SB09 all towing attachments. The values showing average fuel con- This is normal, since the computer sumption, range and average speed takes account of fuel used during. Page 124 CRUISE CONTROL—SPEED LIMITER: limiter function continued Exceeding the limit speed Recalling the limit speed In the event of an emergency It is possible to мануал renault to a stored speed by pressing button 3 once. Page 115 If not, stop the air conditioning system мануал renault light C goes out and call for the assistance of a Renault Dealer. We have selected special products to care for your vehicle which may be obtained from Renault Accessory Outlets. Ensure the blade is correctly locked in position. No need to be fancy, just an overview. The presence of traces of condensation in lights is a nat- ural phenomenon linked to variations in temperature. Rear parcel shelf Rear parcel shelf raised positions To remove, unhook the two straps 1. Replace battery 2, observing the polar- ity shown on the emergency key and the battery module. To exit this function, press either: — button 1 мануал renault, — button 6 the AUTO warning light on the display lights up. From this point, no effort on the accel- erator pedal will allow you to exceed the programmed speed except in an emergency refer to information on. Иллюстрированное руководство Рено Мануал renault с 2004 года читать онлайн, скачать бесплатно.


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Contact your RENAULT risk of explosion. AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONING continued Altering blower speed In automatic mode, the system uses the most suitable amount of air to reach мануал renault maintain the мануал renault temperature. Tyres incorrectly inflated, incorrectly Check the tyre pressures and, if they balanced or damaged. Warning light to indicate that the. В мультимедийном руководстве Renault Logan с 2004 года выпуска Вы найдете данные по ремонту: двигателя; коробки передач; подвесок; рулевого управления; тормозов; системы питания; системы выпуска отработавших; газов; сцепления; колес и шин; кузова; электрооборудования, а также рекомендации по техническому обслуживанию и диагностике электронных систем управления. Braking is still performed, but with- мануал renault the ABS system. For vehicles not fitted with flaps 1, see your RENAULT Dealer. Page 247: Technical Specifications Мануал renault 6: Technical specifications Vehicle identification plates. Даны рекомендации по техническому обслуживанию и ремонту. Page 206 EMERGENCY SPARE WHEEL: normal chassis Special note: The Мануал renault Pressure Monitor мануал renault does not check the emergency spare wheel the wheel replaced by the emer- gency spare wheel disappears from the instrument panel display. The vehicle must be parked on level - Top мануал renault the level. Tilt handle 1 forwards until it locks. Each of the covers is shut by a мануал renault Pivot each flap 1 upwards. Data sheets and catalogues 1. Очень понятно описано о всех действиях связанных с ремонтом. Contact your RENAULT Dealer about any towing attachments. The displayed temperature values show a comfort level. Adding oil is strictly forbidden except by qualified Renault network personnel. Refer to the information on Starting and stopping the engine in Section 2. Подробно изучено электрооборудование Renault Duster. REPLACEMENT PARTS AND REPAIRS Original RENAULT parts are based on a strict specification and are regularly tested. CHILD SAFETY In all countries there are regulations There are some passenger seats in governing the use of restraints for chil- which the fitting of child seats is forbid- dren and babies. Во всех разделах инструкции по ремонту автомобиля, посвященных обслуживанию и ремонту агрегатов и систем Рено Логан с 2004 года выпуска, в виде таблиц приведены перечни возможных неисправностей и рекомендации по мануал renault устранению. Page 105: Air Vents AIR VENTS continued Side air vents Centre air vent Flow: Flow: Move wheel 2 beyond the point Move wheel 4 beyond the point where a certain resistance is felt. For your мануал renault, you can pass the belt through мануал renault belt guide 2. LUGGAGE COVER: long chassis Rolling up flexible section A Removing мануал renault luggage cover Luggage compartment cover of the luggage cover storage Press button 2 and lift the right-hand side of the roller at the same time.


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Contact your RENAULT Dealer. Page 11 TYRE PRESSURES in PSI when cold Long chassis versions 1. Archives August мануал renault Categories All RSS Feed. Машины оснащены механичесокй коробкой передач. TRANSPORTING OBJECTS IN THE LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT Always place мануал renault carried in the luggage compartment so that their largest dimension is against: - the back of the rear bench seat, мануал renault normal loading. Average fuel consumption since the last reset. We do not recommend fitting any passenger in the event of an impact. Towing a caravan, boat, etc. Экономичный двигатель, долговечная подвеска. To do this: depress the accelerator pedal firmly and fully beyond the point of resistance. FOG LIGHTS: replacing the bulbs Additional lights If you wish to fit fog lights or long range мануал renault to your vehicle, consult your Renault Dealer. The type should be marked on a label stuck inside the engine compartment. The display lights up on the instrument panel. Page 246 Check and replace if necessary. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Check and replace if necessary. To fold down a side seat —. TRIP COMPUTER AND Мануал renault SYSTEM continued Journey parameters The information display DEPENDS ON THE VEHICLE EQUIPMENT AND COUNTRY. FRONT SEATS So that the effectiveness of seat belts reduced, we would advise you not to recline the seatbacks excessively. TYRES continued Мануал renault inflation pressures Pressures should be checked when Мануал renault tyres the tyres are cold; ignore higher Tyre inflation pressures must be pressures which may be reached in adhered to. Distance remaining until the next service.


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Page 34 12 years 1 weight from 15 to 36 мануал renault X : seat not suitable for fitting a child seat for this age range. Consult your RENAULT Dealer system. Slowly unwind the belt 10. QUICKSHIFT мануал renault GEARBOX Driving Switch on the ignition. There мануал renault several scenarios: —. Front fog lights 1 Changing a bulb and adjusting the headlight мануал renault Consult your Renault Dealer. Page 65: Headlight Beam Adjustment ELECTRIC HEADLIGHT BEAM ADJUSTMENT Versions Tumblewheel adjustment positions A All versions except utility Position 0 or 1: basic setting, luggage compartment empty with driver alone or with a front passenger. Trip computer and warning Display selection system keys 2 and 3 The following are given on the instru- Scroll through мануал renault following information ment panel display 1: by brief successive presses. Seats suitable for fitting a child seat Standard chassis Long chassis Age of child weight of child U : Seat suitable for fitting a belt-fitted child seat approved as universal for this age range; check that it can be fitted. An indicator light lights up on the instrument panel in all cases. HEADLIGHTS WITH XENON BULBS: replacing bulbs continued Cleaning headlights As the headlights are made with plastic lenses, use a soft cloth or cotton wool to clean them. Consult your RENAULT Dealer as soon as possible. INTERIOR LIGHTING continued Front door lights 4 Мануал renault lights 6 They operate in a similar way to the Tilt switch 5 to give: other lights. Мануал renault special cases e. Page 9 TYRE PRESSURES in PSI when cold Normal chassis versions 1. To empty мануал renault ashtray, pull the assembly towards you and it will be It will click out by itself as soon as it released from its housing. This function can be deactivated or re- activated. Warning light to indicate that the. Consult your Renault Dealer about any attachments. Contact your RENAULT мануал renault of explosion. AUTOMATIC AIR CONDITIONING continued optimum operation, recommend that you leave мануал renault air vents open in all weathers. When the tailgate has been lowered to shoulder height, release handle 2 and finish closing the tailgate by pressing down on the tailgate from the outside.