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On: Recording the conversation. Page 143: Entering Characters. Waiting feature, or a maximum of 125 voice messages waiting when using the BV feature. Page 1: User Manual. The following methods are available: All Calls: All calls are forwarded to a specified extension regardless of the status of your extension. All other reproduction, in whole or in part, is prohibited panasonic руководство пользователя the written consent of Panasonic Communications Co. Panasonic руководство пользователя 72: Preventing Other People From Using Your Telephone extension Lock. This feature is also known as Station Feature Clear or Station Programme Clear. To confirm Display PT Off-hook. Used to transfer a call to the mailbox of a specified extension. Enter Item Clearing the call records of each extension. Dialling a Preset Number by Going Off-hook Hot Line An SLT пользователя can make a call simply by going off-hook, if the telephone number has been stored beforehand. Dial DISA phone number. Dial your extension panasonic руководство. The Redial feature does not function. To enter programming mode Enter Press PROGRAM. User Manual door opener no. You can set incoming calls to be forwarded to your personal message area panasonic руководство пользователя let callers leave voice messages when you cannot answer the phone. Clearing the call records panasonic руководство пользователя all extensions. Used to set the FWD or DND feature for the extension. Alternatively, an account code can be specified for each customer, to log call durations for billing purposes. Tone Optional Enter 3.


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Page 140: System Programming. Page 21: Calling An Outside Party. Page 58: Talking To Multiple Parties conference. Dial DISA phone number. Assigning a One-touch Dialling number to PF button "F1" will override Personal Speed Dialling number "0", and vice versa. Pattern 1 Panasonic руководство пользователя 2 Pattern 3 4. Пользователя you are having a conversation with another party at that time, you will hear an alarm tone. The display also returns to the idle status display automatically if no operation is performed for 20 seconds. Listen to the message. Display PT Press PROGRAM. Paging system loudspeaker, amplifier and speaker, etc. Page 92: Protecting Your Line Against Notification Tones data Line Security. Page 2: Feature Highlights. Procedure The basic steps are shown below. Page panasonic руководство Turning On The Background Music bgm. You can enter the system panasonic руководство пользователя instead of the manager password. Page 95: Monitoring A Room room Monitor. Note The serial number of this product can be found on the label affixed to the unit. On: Recording the conversation. Used to store a telephone number while in a conversation with an outside party or while hearing a busy tone, panasonic руководство пользователя then easily redial the number later. A 5-party conference call is now established.


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Procedure The basic steps are shown below. Важная информация Благодарим за покупку аналогового системного телефона Panasonic KX T7735. Panasonic руководство 129: Changing Personal Settings Using Programming Mode. To cancel all message waiting indications left at another extension D. To cancel LCS While on-hook Live Call Screening Press red Live Call Screening. PANASONIC KX - T7730 и DSS консолей. If your panasonic руководство becomes busy off-hook, making or receiving a call etc. Page 93: Checking The Time Service Mode. If an outside CO line call is not retrieved within 30 minutes of being put on hold, it will be panasonic руководство disconnected. Page 46: Answering A Call Ringing At Another Telephone call Pickup. Please read пользователя manual carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use. All functions of the PBX and Panasonic PTs stop. Page 86: Setting The Telephone According To Your Needs, Setting The Alarm timed Reminder. To clear a button setting Press CO, DSS, Press PROGRAM. Пользователя Manager Password To enter programming mode, the manager password the panasonic руководство of the extension connected to extension jack 01 is required. Page 94: Clearing Features Set At Your Extension extension Feature Clear. Dial DISA phone number. Red on: Another extension is using the пользователя S-COor other extensions are using all outside CO lines in the outside CO line group G-CO. For Future Reference Please print, record, and retain the following information for future reference. Panasonic руководство пользователя -T7730UA - аналоговый системный телефон Пользователя 4-проводный Инструкция пользователя, функций, программирования и установки. You can dial any function number "1", "2", "3", or "9" while confirming any message. Системный телефон Panasonic KX - T7730 RUW. Системные телефоны Panasonic KX - T7730, KX-T7735, KX-T7730RU, KX- T7735RU для мини-АТС KX-TEM824, KX-TEM824RU.


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Dial outside phone number. Page 54: Talking To 2 Parties Alternately call Splitting. Used to set the FWD or DND feature for the extension. While Off-hook Indication Tones Tone 1 Call Waiting Tone Tone 2 Call Waiting Tone Single Double Triple Tone 3 Hold Alarm Tone A call has been on hold for longer than the specified time. The panasonic руководство also returns to the idle status пользователя automatically if no operation is panasonic руководство for пользователя seconds. Работает с Руководство по эксплуатации. Важная информация Благодарим за покупку аналогового системного телефона Panasonic KX T7735. You can lock your personal area call log including caller information with associated voice messages so that other extensions cannot access your logged information. Available Extension The extension connected to extension jack 01 Required Telephone A Panasonic proprietary telephone PT with a display e. To enter programming mode Press PROGRAM. Please read panasonic руководство manual carefully before using this product and save this manual for future use. To unlock indications panasonic руководство at your extension 1. Page 66: Changing The Dialling Mode pulse To Tone Conversion. Пользователя cannot access computer services, telephone banking, etc. Page 149: Feature Number Table. Dial DISA phone number. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Hints In this manual, "proprietary telephone" "PT" means an analogue proprietary telephone APT. Wait for an answer. Page 86: Setting The Telephone According To Your Needs, Setting The Alarm timed Reminder. Panasonic руководство пользователя can call a caller back or listen to the message by entering the Message Waiting Answer feature number, "784 7840 ". Ask your panasonic руководство пользователя or dealer for пользователя manager password or system password. The display shows the current mode for 3 s. Dial door opener number 1 or 2. Tone 1 Tone 2 You can monitor the message through the telephone speaker.